Shortcuts to the course

Mastering Wine is a comprehensive course that will provide you with a great foundation for understanding, discussing, buying and getting the most from wine. We'd suggest you watch the entire course to get the maximum value.

However we totally understand that you might want to jump ahead and quickly find specific advice, so here are a few of our favourite lectures further into the course that we highly recommend watching...

Wine tasting step three

In this lecture Jancis teaches you about how your palate reacts to wine, what to look for and how to write a tasting note. We love how Jancis excitedly picks out subtle flavours and teaches you how to identify and describe them using industry terms and your own vocabulary.

What to pay for wine and how to avoid overpriced wine

Nobody wants to be ripped off and it's often hard to know how much to spend and how to get the best value. Jancis explains the economics of wine and what she thinks you should pay in order to have a great experience.

Some of Jancis's wine recommendations for safe bets and more adventurous options

It's easy to stick with what you know when it comes to wine. But you're missing out! Jancis lists her personal favourites both in terms of wines that will be liked by everyone and also wines that will expand your horizons. There's a handy downloadable guide in the notes too, perfect for your next shopping trip.

How to select wine to take to a dinner party or BBQ

We've all faced the problem of which bottle to take along to parties. Jancis points out some mistakes you should avoid and also some helpful safe bets.

Improve your wine by decanting

You've bought the wine so why not get the most out of it? Jancis tells you why decanting is important, what equipment you need and shows you the correct techniques.