Sales and communications expert Gavin Presman gives a warm introduction to this short course on breaking bad habits and forming positive new ones. Here, you will learn how the science behind habit-building makes a difference to businesses, teams and lives.

Our results are always the result of our actions and most of what we do is the cause of our habitual behaviours. Our positive habits cause us to produce outcomes in line with what we want and our negative habits produce the opposite. When we appreciate this and seek to understand how we form, maintain and change our habits, we can make marginal gains that aggregate into remarkable results. Understanding the anatomy of your habits, as well as understanding 5 simple strategies for effortlessly changing your habits, is now possible due to a body of research that demonstrates how humans make and break habitual behaviour.

The New York Times Bestseller The Power of Habit by Thomas Duhigg summarised the latest behavioural research. Our 'Habit Loops’ involve Cue, Craving, Response and Reward. Gavin explains that in his work with sales leaders and teams, he sees that when a person truly understands what the Cues, Craving and Rewards are for particular Responses, it is the first step towards change.

As you go through this short course and begin to see what your cue is and what is it that you are craving, it soon becomes possible to apply some behavioural science to divert yourself into more positive behaviour. Gavin will suggest the 5 S’s (Slicing, Situating, Stacking, Stating and Celebrating) as simple approaches to help you succeed.

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