What Will You Learn On This Course

From the Coffee House in the heart of London Coffee Culture, Richard is going to take you on a journey through coffee with this course. Learn the incredible stories about the origins of coffee, coffee’s history as a traded commodity and the variety of beans.

With the help of Henry Ayers from the Gentlemen Baristas (UK's Coolest Baristas) he then explains how beans are ground and why different grinds taste different.

We then move on to brewing and the different techniques employed. Richard covers the Syphon method, Aeropress method, Chemex method & V60 method, and then demonstrates the equipment needed to employ them.

He then moves to the world of Espresso, showing how to spot good and bad espresso, how to make Americanos, a good Flat White, Lattes and Cappuccinos. And he even shows how to put a modern twist on the Cappuccino.

Richard will also give you tips and tricks and helps you avoid common mistakes.

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