Starting A Business & Entrepreneurship Bundle

16 courses with more than 19 hours of video content and downloadable resources, all designed to help you build your own successful business.

The courses included are:

  1. Start A Business with Escape The City
  2. Entrepreneurship with Junior Ogunyemi
  3. Pitch Business Ideas with Alan Stevens
  4. Sales Skills with Phil Hesketh
  5. Habits For High Productivity with Gavin Presman
  6. Create Your Business Vision And Mission with The Expert Academy
  7. Virtual Communication Masterclass with Gavin Presman
  8. Public Speaking with Alan Stevens
  9. Persuasion And Influence with Phil Hesketh
  10. Manage Time And Overcome Stress with The Expert Academy
  11. Customer Experience Management: Grow Your Business With A Purpose with Shaun Smith and Andy Milligan
  12. Reputation Management with Alan Stevens
  13. Goal Setting For Business Owners, Freelancers And Individuals with The Expert Academy
  14. Business Culture with Andy Hanselman
  15. Social Media Marketing with Elise Quevedo
  16. Job Descriptions with The Expert Academy

Individually these courses retail for over $500 / £500. Available for just $50 / month (+ taxes).

Do you want to start your own business? Or learn how to be an entrepreneur?

This 16 course bundle will give you all the skills you require to start your own business. From coming up with the concept, building an MVP, all the way to setting goals and pitching your idea.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which course should I take first?

We would recommend starting with "Launch A Startup Business", then "Entrepreneurship". After that you can pick and choose as you see fit!

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

If you are unsatisfied with your bundle, you can cancel your subscription any time!