We're quite proud of Jancis's course, and we wanted to share some of the reviews we've had from the people who have taken the course before. If you want to give it a try too, just click on the link below for 50% off:

Jancis Robinson’s full online wine course at half price

"Concise and clear. I enjoyed this course." - Wa Tian Yang Yi (5 stars)

"A very informative course, which covers a broad range of topics that will provide confidence and a good base upon which to build." - Anthony Mak (5 stars)

"Good information presented in small chunks which make it easy to understand." - Tom Thacker (5 stars)

"Grabbed my interest immediately" - Paul Waterman (5 stars)

"Very good so far Added a star after finishing the course. Very accessible, practical, easy to listen and watch" - Jen (5 stars)

"I'm not new to wine, and there's quite a bit here that I'm already familiar with, but I have so much respect and admiration for Jancis Robinson that I still wanted to take the course anyway. Jancis is such a great professional and teacher. I can't imagine any other introductory course on wine being better." - Jesse Noonan (5 stars)

"Jancis explains everything comprehensively and without the frills for even the most amateur of wine enthusiasts. I knew nothing and now feel like I can confidently chose a reliable and promising wine for any occasion. Thank you" - Pru Wallace-Jones (5 stars)

"very interesting" - Lucjan Kujawa (5 stars)

"The talks were extremely informative yet concise and precise - sweet and sharp! Really enjoyed watching them" - Cheng Ge (5 stars)

"Excellent course. Perfect pace. Lots of. Ontent. This is an absolute must if you want yo learn about wine." - Dharmvir Jaswal (5 stars)

"Jancis Robinsons is legendary, yet she makes wine so accessible! I've been putting her tasting techniques to the test, and already I find I'm enjoying wine more than ever before" - Caroline Ferguson (5 stars)

"Jancis' approach is so welcoming! Some of the information is quite basic but for beginners, and even for wine buffs who want to renew a bit of their knowledge, this course is wonderful. Thank you, Jancis! Big fan" - Lise Kvan (5 stars)

"Very informative on all aspects of wine related matters from how wine is made to how to taste it, enjoy it and where to buy it. The lecturer is extremely competent and it is obvious from watching the course that she is passionate about wine and teaching the subject. The presentation is very clear and well structured. I highly recommend it and hope that Mrs. Robinson will have more courses this one to follow" - Mikizator (5 stars)

"Very informative. And for me as a foreigner, she speaks very clearly so it's easy to understand" - Kari Amundsen

"What I find hard when providing wine tastings is what to include and what information to leave out. Jancis provides a simple yet comprehensive guide through wine production and tasting using everyday words and little wine terminology, which is helpful for those new to wine" - Martin O'Shaughnessy (5 stars)

"Well structured,clearly presented and a very interesting course" - William Reder (5 stars)

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